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Paperkatta - is a web-based application that provides question banks for NEET, JEE, MHT-CET & K-CET it facilitates users to generate question papers with the "Instant Download" option (Question paper, Solution and Answer keys in pdf format), hence no waiting time. Users can generate question paper/s from question banks for NEET, JEE, MHT-CET & K-CET as per their requirement (Select number of questions with their difficulty level) such as Chapter-wise, Groupwise, Full syllabus, DPP - Daily Practice Paper and CPP - Class Practice Paper, etc.

Toppers from all exams say “Solving more number of the practice tests helps to achieve a higher score and crack any exam”. Following this, Institutes/Teachers are expected to conduct more number of practice tests from question banks for NEET, JEE, MHT-CET & K-CET of their students to achieve a higher score in exams, for which Institute/Teachers need to prepare more and more Question Papers. This is very difficult to do with the conventional way of preparing Question papers. Paperkatta helps Institutes/Teachers to break all barriers and prepare Question Paper whether it is DPP or CPP or any other practice tests with less time. This will definitely help institutes to improve on student's results.

Paperkatta -
Best Online question paper generator system approved by 2000+ Institutes, commonly known as Automatic Paper Generator, Test Creator, Test Paper Generator, Test Maker Software, Question Bank Software for NEET, JEE-MAIN, MHT-CET & K-CET

Generate Any Test Paper @ Rs. 1/- Per Question
(Different economical packages are also available for Instant Paper Download Mode)
Experience Paperkatta with 2 Question Papers, absolutely FREE !!!

* Note : We save your pages in generated Question Papers, which saves your Money during Xerox.


  • FREE Registration, NO Annual Maintenance and Support Charges.
  • More than 1,00,000+ ready to use Comprehensive Question Bank and each question has been set with appropriate Difficulty Level.
  • Design personalized question paper/s with Institute Name, Logo & Watermark @ Rs. 1 per question. Multiple Economical Prepaid Recharge options available. Starting from as low as Rs. 999.
  • Questions are provided with Answer Key and Step by Step Detail Solution.
  • Questions are added on a regular interval so that you get the most updated Question Bank, Absolutely FREE.

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This all takes only 10 mins to complete...

Many classes are saving approx 30% yearly in printing cost?

Ever wondered, how much you spend yearly on printing the countless number of question papers?

Now with Paperkatta you can reduce your yearly expenditure and increase your savings by going completely digital with our automatic paper generating software. That saves your time, provides quality question papers, and is extremely affordable for everyone.

You can calculate your yearly savings with Paperkatta by using the tool below.

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Dr. Ninad Sheode

Dr. Ninad Sheode

Director, Physics Classes and LearnAc, Pune

I am a techno-savvy person working in the teaching field. I always experiment with new technology and products in the market. So I came across Paperkatta from Lsoft Technologies, after going through all its features, I wondered on one of its feature “15% - 25% Paper saving” feature. I...

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Mr. Jitendra Patil

Mr. Jitendra Patil

Director, Mathslife Classes, Bhusawal

I am really impressed with the Paperkatta from Lsoft technologies. Initially, I just enrolled in the Paperkatta, used occasionally for a paper generation. As soon as I got busy with my teaching with a number of batches, it becomes difficult for me to sit with a number of books and prepare DPP and...

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Mr. Vaibhav Bhalerao

Mr. Vaibhav Bhalerao

College Teacher, Pandharpur

Initially, I was hesitant to use Paperkatta, as I was a bit concerned with question bank quality. But Lsoft insisted me to try 2 free papers as there was an offer going on, and then go for a paid option.  I agreed to it but never tried for long. For one of a class test, I didn’t get ti...

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Mr. Sourabh Deshmukhe

Mr. Sourabh Deshmukhe

Director, Deshmukhe’s Chemistry Classes, Karad

Paperkatta is a revolutionary product and boon for me. As they say, cost-saving, time-saving product; Paperkatta indeed saves our time and money. The day when I started using Paperkatta, I freed from DTP work required for Question Paper preparation. Most importantly I don’t need to sit with...

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Mr. Amol B. Palve

Mr. Amol B. Palve

Director, New Vision Academy, Bhusawal

It's very time-worthy to set a paper for JEE Mains and Neet, to arrange a solution and create a paper with the answer key. When I want to set a paper for my class I start my work two or three days before the exam date and I am totally away from my family for those day...

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Our aim is to save 25 crore papers in a year, a small initiative to save TREES and protect EARTH. Join Paperkatta and be a part of this initiative.

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