PAPERKATTA - is a web-based application that facilitates users to generate question papers with the "Instant Download" option (Question paper, Solution and Answer keys in pdf format), hence no waiting time. Users can generate question paper/s as per their requirement (Select number of questions with their difficulty level) such as Chapter-wise, Groupwise, Full syllabus, DPP - Daily Practice Paper and CPP - Class Practice Paper, etc.

Paperkatta - Best Question Paper Generation System approved by 1000+ Institutes, commonly known as Automatic Paper Generator, Test Creator, Test Generator, Test Maker, Paper Creator for NEET, JEE-MAIN and MHT-CET.

“In typical Marathi tradition, Katta means a platform (or bench) built around a tree or any boundary or wall surface, generally a place where people meet and talk- a meeting place where ideas and pleasantries are exchanged  and  is very popular in colleges across Maharashtra state.”

The user has to register on by using the option provided on the home page. The help option is provided on every page for your assistance.

No specific software requirement, User should have anyone browser listed here and Adobe reader.
IE 9.0, Google Chrome 18.0, Mozilla Firefox 20.0 or any higher versions of these browsers.

User needs to design question paper by selecting some basic information like Subject, Chapter, the required number of questions. Questions can be selected based on the difficulty level. Once everything is ready, submit the final question paper. Once the question paper is submitted, team will process the job and generate the question paper in PDF format and submit it to the user. User will receive a notification via SMS and MAIL once question paper is available to download. Then the user has to login to and downloads the PDF file. As easy as that.

There is no limit for question paper generation, but the user has to pay in advance for question paper as per predefined packages. As long as the user has sufficient balance in his account, he can generate a question paper.

Yes, the user can add question/s at their end but there is a predefined format for question entry, for the same user need to contact Paperkatta Team and take online training. Also, questions entered by the user will be accessible to that user/institute only and to other users don't have access to this Question bank.

Yes, after registration, the user has to generate at least one question paper in 3 months. If the user is not generating any question paper for consecutive 3 months, then user membership gets deactivated.

User will get the following facilities on
1. Get, ready-to-use questions as per MHT-CET, JEE-Main and NEET/AIPMT exam syllabus.
2. Set question paper as per user requirement.
3. Create versions of your question paper.
4. Get Answer Key and Solution Set along with your Question Paper.
5. Create multiple branches and maintain your sub user’s record.
6. Question papers are sent in PDF form to your mail ID. You can access it from anywhere.

As long as a user is using at least once in a quarter and paying for question paper, user membership will remain valid. If the user doesn't use for 3 months,  membership will get deactivated.

Paperkatta team will give an online demo to users on "How to use". Also, there is a Help option on each page to guide how to use features. Users will also be provided with a helpline number to solve user queries online.

Currently, supports MHT-CET, JEE-Main and NEET/AIPMT exams. Users can select for all the exams or choose any one while registration.

User need not worry about the change in syllabus. Paperkatta experts team will take care of the changes in the syllabus and update the question bank accordingly as early as possible.

No, Users need not have multiple memberships to manage all branches. has provided a facility to create branches as well as sub-users for the branch. Also, the branch users will have their own credentials to login into and create their own questions papers.

Yes, users can join for one or more than one subject of their choice.

Click "Forgot Password" on the login page and reset password as per the instructions provided on screen.

On, the Question bank is provided with solutions and answer keys. When user will submit question paper, team provides solutions and answer key for designed question paper in PDF format.

Question paper designing is very easy on The user needs to select the exam, subject name, chapter name and number of questions, select the required number of questions from each topic, and submit question paper. This process is very fast and the user can work as per their convenience.

Users can change and update their information any time after registration.

There is no discount and the added benefit of inviting your friends on 

Registration on is absolutely free. The user has to pay only for question paper generation on Per question charges along with processing charges will only be applicable.

Users can buy services in two ways - either paying directly through payment gateway or can deposit the amount directly in our bank account (details are given below). If you are paying through payment gateway, the amount will be directly credited to your Paperkatta account. You can also deposit the amount in our bank account. You will have to send SMS to 9767449449 or send us a mail on with details like payment amount, payment date and payment reference number. The amount will be credited in your paperkatta account within 24 working hours.

Our Bank Details are as follows:

Beneficiary Name: Lsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Account Type: Current Account
Bank Name: Bank Of India
Branch Name: Karve Road, Pune
Account Number: 050320110000885

We do not offer refunds under any circumstances since we are offering FREE PAPERS, we would urge to be fully satisfied before you make payment.

Users can download PDF of question paper, answer key and solution from and save as per their convenient location. PDF will be available on for 2 months for download, after that it will be removed.

Yes, there an option is available to create versions of question papers. Their user can create any number of versions. There is no restriction on version creation.

Yes, there is a limit for selecting questions for each question paper depending on the subject wise question limit defined by exams JEE, NEET or MHT-CET. e.g. If the user wants to design a Mathematics question paper of any chapter or group of chapters for JEE, then the user can select a maximum of 30 questions for that question paper.

Yes, different option styles are available on Here, users can design options either as A, B, C, D or 1, 2, 3, 4.

Yes, the user can reactivate the membership with, after communicating with the Paperkatta team with valid reason. No, additional charges are applicable for a valid reason.

Additional benefits of are User can use submitted question papers with Projector in the classroom for discussion.

When a paper is generated at, the user will get a mail where all billing details along with paper details are provided.

Approximately within 6 hours from the time of final submission.

No, the material on is for private use and private circulation only (Non-commercial purpose of subscribers). Any other use is strictly prohibited. Subscribers agree that they will not sell, publish or copy question papers or any other information from without permission from Lsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. If they do so, reserves the right to cancel their subscription immediately without a refund and take appropriate legal action.

Merged PCB / PCM Paper will be counted as 3 Papers.

This offer is specially designed for clients who wish to save question paper costs and can-do bulk recharge into their paperkatta account. As the name suggests, this package is valid for 365 days i.e. 1 year from the date of recharge.

As the name suggests, this offer is valid for 1 Year i.e. 365 Days from the date of recharge. You can recharge anytime during the complete year.

Dhamaka 365 Packages are available as Silver, Gold and Platinum, details are as follow:

1) Silver Package charges are Rs. 5000/- and you can generate maximum 33 question papers. Per question paper charges are approximately Rs. 150/-
2) Gold Package charges are Rs. 10000/- and you can generate maximum 80 question papers. Per question paper charges are approximately Rs. 125/-
3) Platinum Package charges are Rs. 15000/- and you can generate maximum 150 question papers. Per question paper charges are approximately Rs. 100/-

Charges for all the above three packages are including GST.
You can get this 18% GST reimbursed.

Yes, balance papers will be carry forwarded after 365 days, only and only if you recharge your account before your "Dhamaka Pack - 365" (Silver, Gold and Platinum) pack expiry date. Recharge into your "Bronze Pack Lifetime" is not valid for this carry forward. The recharge should be made in "Dhamaka Pack - 365" only. These balance papers cannot be transferred to any other account.

For Dhamaka 365 package you will get an invoice of the total amount you paid against the package with details of the number of question papers provided. No monthly invoicing generated for question paper submitted. 

Your paper is billed and counted only after you finally submit it. You can cancel the paper before the final submit only.

Option 1: You can recharge your account with a fresh "Dhamaka Pack - 365" offer (Silver, Gold and Platinum), valid for 365 days from the date you recharge.
Option 2: You can recharge 1000 or more in your account, under the "Payment Bronze Pack - Lifetime" tab and generate your paper's. Charges will be as per the priority you select.