Why use a Test Paper Generator ?

Test Paper Generator is a software that prepares different types of questions for various exams like NEET, JEE and MHTCET. PaperKatta Test Paper Generator is the best as it allows you to generate question paper with the instant download option in pdf format hence the users need not to wait for making the Question Paper. Users can easily make question papers as per the requirement of the difficulty level of questions such as chapter-wise, Groupwise, Full syllabus, Daily Practise Paper, and Class Practise Paper.

Toppers from all exams and Teachers of the Top universities says that practicing more no of questions helps students to improve the score in the examinations as it helps to figure out weak topics and prepare them for the future examinations. It helps the students to prepare in a better way for upcoming examinations.

Preparing Question Papers is a very tedious task for the teachers/universities as it takes a lot of time and paper wastage is also done while making test papers as in a Report it is said that 30% of the paper is wasted in making answer sheets. So, do you still think making question papers from the old traditional method is a good idea? It results in cutting a lot of trees per year which is harming our environment aggressively. So, we should take some initiative from our side to switch to the new method of conducting exams online, it will result in saving a lot of trees and protect our environment.

Advantages of using a Test Paper Generator

1. It saves a lot of Time :
No need to worry about the distribution of the exam sheets you just have to upload the email address of the student and send them an invite. After the exam is completed the students can get their results instantly.

2. It saves your money:
No need to spend your money on buying papers and making question papers just make a series of question papers from test paper generator and voila !! you are ready to conduct exams at any point of time. Students can also appear in the tests from their laptops and mobiles.

3. It saves student money:
Students don’t have to travel to a specific location for giving the exam they can also appear in the exam from their remote locations.

4. It is more secure:
Users Can create a question bank in which there will be a different set of questions so every student will get a different questions so you need not to worry about question paper leaking as by conducting the exam from PaperKattaTest Paper Generator examinations will be conducted more securely.

5. Statistical Analysis :
Data can be stored so because of it analysis of exams can be done over time. The data can be used anytime for analyzing and creating performance reports.

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Our aim is to save 25 crore papers in a year, a small initiative to save TREES and protect EARTH. Join Paperkatta and be a part of this initiative.

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