There are no charges for registration on Paperkatta. Just fill up the registration form and complete the verification process. You will get the username and password on email and sms with benefits of 2 free question papers (Approximately cost is Rs. 500/-).*

Don't have to pay anything for annual maintenance and support charges.

Over the years as part of value addition, our expert team has been creating and adding different varieties of questions to the existing question bank. Since last few years syllabus is changed almost every year. Don't worry we take care of that absolutely free.

Except the standard cost of paper generation, there are no hidden charges for Paperkatta service.

Priority: Paperkatta team generates paper priority wise. The charges as per priority are : (These are handling charges)

  • Low  : Rs. 100 (Generated Paper* available within 24 working hrs for download)
  • Normal : Rs. 125 (Generated Paper* available within 12 working  hrs for download)
  • High : Rs. 150 (Generated Paper* available within 6 working hrs for download)
A nominal fee of  Rs. 1/- Per question  charged extra.
*Answer keys and solutions are provided without any charges.


For a paper of 50 questions, the end user shall be billed as per the following:
  • Low priority paper shall be charged as Rs. 100 for customized paper generation &
    Rs. 50/- for 50 questions. Total charges = Rs. 150/-*
  • Normal priority, end user shall be charged as Rs. 175/-* (125 + 50 = 175)
  • High priority, end user shall be charged as Rs. 200*/- (150 + 50 = 200)

 * Excluding Service Tax.

Prior to PDF generation at our end, the question paper and solution is checked manually for layout and page size. The aim is to adjust question/s to reduce unused space. As per our experience approximately 10% of paper space get saved with same set of question paper and layout as compared to the other way of paper setting.

  • For same paper set with the prevailing commercial typing rates of science material is minimum Rs. 40/- per page (In-house or Out-source)
  • Total cost of one paper set generation works out to Rs. 320/- (40*8 (4-Que. Pages and 4 Sol. Pages)) and overall cost per year to whopping Rs. 32000/- (320*100 Question paper set i.e. almost 2.1 times of Paperkatta charges Rs. 15000/-)
  • Net savings for our end user is about Rs. 17000/- per year approximately
    (32000 - 15000 = 17000  i.e. 210%).

  • Let's consider a case where about 100 papers are generated for a batch by using any other automated tool consisting of 200 students in a year. A total pages per paper set is taken as 8 (4 for question paper and 4 for solution).Total Pages consumed in a year: 200*100*8 = 160000 nos.
  • Applying our benchmark of 10% of overall savings because of manual editing, the total savings amounts to 16000 pages in one year. Considering  cost of zerox /printing approx Rs. 1/-  per page, total amount saved during printing/zerox by the end user comes to Rs. 16000/-
  • For paper set generation with respect to above cited example, total charges using Low Priority option works out to Rs. 15000/- (Rs. 100*150) in one year. The overall saving of end-user even after availing Paperkatta services works out to Rs. 1000/- (16000 - 15000) as profit and not loss.

Want to generate more papers in less money?
Don't Worry !!! Paperkatta has launched best ever Dhamaka Pack – 365.
This offer is specially designed for clients to save costing of paper by doing bulk recharge into their paperkatta account. As the name suggests, this package is valid for 365 days i.e. 1 year from the date of recharge.

Complete offer is as follows....
Offer 1 :- Recharge Rs.15,000 and create 100 Test Papers (Paper @ 150.00 Rs. GST included)
Offer 2 :- Recharge Rs.27,500 and create 200 Test Papers (Paper @ 137.00 Rs. GST included)
Offer 3 :- Recharge Rs.37,500 and create 300 Test Papers (Paper @ 125.00 Rs. GST included)|
Offer 4 :- Recharge Rs.45,000 and create 400 Test Papers (Paper @ 112.50 Rs. GST included)

Offer 5 :- Recharge Rs.50,000 and create 500 Test Papers (Paper @ 100.00 Rs. GST included)
You can get this GST reimbursed.

In traditional way, depending on exam pattern, it would take at least 3 to 4 hrs. to design question papers and followed by typing/data entry and proof reading. Paperkatta, save your crucial man hours and enables to set paper  a within 10 minutes without requirement of typing/proof reading.
Also additionally user even can save these 10 minutes by directly downloading  papers Chapter wise, Subject wise or Group wise exclusively  created by our expert team.

User can discuss paper in a classroom using paper projection facility.