No Registration Charges on Paperkatta. Just fill-up the Registration Form and complete the verification process. You will get the Username and Password on Email and SMS with benefits of 2 Free Question Papers (Approximately cost is Rs. 500/-).*

No Upgradration Charges, No Annual Maintenance Charges, No Support Charges.

No worries of syllabus changes, our expert team continuously works hard to upgrade question bank as per the latest syllabus. You will have access to the most recent Question Bank.

Except for the regular charge of paper generation, there are no hidden charges for Paperkatta service.

Before the final PDF generation at our end - Paper Saving Mode, our team manually review the whole question paper and solution for layout, question placing, alignment and number of pages utilize. The aim is to reduce the number of pages by removing unused space and adjusting question/s accordingly. As per our experience, approximately 15% to 25% of paper space gets saved with the same set of question paper and layout as compared to the other way of paper setting.

  • One question paper of science with Solution and Answer Keys has approximately 8 to 9 pages. As per the current market rate, typing charges per page for science subjects are Rs. 40/- per page.
  • The total cost of one question paper including Solution and Answer keys goes to 8*40 = 320/-. If you are preparing 80 question papers in a year then the total cost goes to Rs. 25600/-.
  • Whereas on Paperkatta you just need to pay Rs. 10000/- in "Dhamaka 365 Gold Package" which means you are saving Rs. 15600/- in a year.
  • Additionally, you are saving your time for proofreading, paper layout designing and setting.

  • Let’s consider a case where you have around 200 students and you need to conduct approximately 100 practice tests throughout the year. If you use any other automated tool to generate 100 question papers, considering 8 pages per question paper (4 pages for a question paper and 4 pages for Solutions and answer keys) your total paper consumption in a year will be 200*8*100 = 1,60,000 Pages.
  • On using paperkatta for generating 100 question paper, approximately 15% to 25% of pages will be saved. At an average you will save 15% of 1,60,000, i.e. 24,000 pages. That means you will be saving on paper costs in a year. Considering Rs. 1/- per page for Xerox/Printing, approximate saving in a year will be Rs. 24,000/-.

In a traditional way, depending on the exam pattern, it would take at least 3 to 4 hrs. to design question papers and followed by typing/data entry and proofreading. Paperkatta, save your crucial man-hours and enables you to set a paper within 10 minutes without any typing/proofreading.

User can discuss the paper in a classroom using paper projection facility.