Dr. Ninad Sheode

Dr. Ninad Sheode

Director, Physics Classes and LearnAc, Pune

I am a techno-savvy person working in the teaching field. I always experiment with new technology and products in the market. So I came across Paperkatta from Lsoft Technologies, after going through all its features, I wondered on one of its feature “15% - 25% Paper saving” feature. I thought of giving it a try and started using Paperkatta for my entire question paper requirement. I was quite impressed with the service the team has provided. I just need to select questions from the application, and my question paper is ready. During all these processes, I observed Paperkatta is really different from other such applications available in the market, quality of questions are good, Question paper presentation is completely professional with no errors and most importantly I used to get question paper in very less time. End of the year, after reviewing all question papers and material consumption, I was surprised to know that I really saved approximately 25% on paper consumption compare to the previous year crash course. I really thanks to paperkatta team and genius mind behind this concept for making my task easy and simple.

Our aim is to save 25 crore papers in a year, a small initiative to save TREES and protect EARTH. Join Paperkatta and be a part of this initiative.

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