Mr. Jitendra Patil

Mr. Jitendra Patil

Director, Mathslife Classes, Bhusawal

I am really impressed with the Paperkatta from Lsoft technologies. Initially, I just enrolled in the Paperkatta, used occasionally for a paper generation. As soon as I got busy with my teaching with a number of batches, it becomes difficult for me to sit with a number of books and prepare DPP and CPP. So I jumped on Paperkatta and started using it for CPP and DPP, and to my surprise, it becomes an easy job for me. I just need to select a required number of questions and submit them. In fact, it allows complete my paper in parts, so as and when I am free I used to add questions to my paper from available devices (laptop, tab, mobile), and when I am done I used to submit my paper to generate PDF of paper. Most importantly I can prepare Class Practice Paper with 10-15 questions also, that too in Rs. 1/- per question. One more thing, I like most about paperkatta.com is it allows me to add my questions, and I can prepare question papers with a combination of my entered questions and Paperkatta questions. Paperkatta team has ensured me of security of my questions, which means my questions will be visible to me only, hence no security issue. Now Paperkatta is the most used application in my top 10 application list.

Our aim is to save 25 crore papers in a year, a small initiative to save TREES and protect EARTH. Join Paperkatta and be a part of this initiative.

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